Printing pure white on dark colours with no bleed! Watch the video!

One of the major challenges when screen printing white ink is the problem of bleed when printing on dark garments. Whether its direct screen printing or using screen printed heat transfers keeping the result pure white can be elusive. And printing on red is usually the worst!

For direct screen printing the usual solution is to hit the garment with your white print, flash it, and then hit it again. That's a bunch of extra work and you end up with a really thick layer of ink. If you are printing lightweight garments, such as t-shirts, it can be a bit nasty!

Using our "poly-print" transfers on regular 100% cotton or poly/cotton is one solution. The result is a pure white print, even on red garments, and it does not have a thickness or stiffness that can be undesirable. And its a lot easier than using vinyl, which can also produce an undesirable result in terms of the hand of the print.

If you haven't tries our poly-print transfers to solve your bleed issues why not request a sample pack and give them a try. You'll be surprised at the result.